Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anthony Vaccarello S/S 12

Anthony Vaccarello’s latest S/S 12 swim collection (first two images) is made up of many contradictions, creating an interesting and fresh aesthetic. His pieces are architectural in design but strongly juxtaposed by floaty whimsical fabrics. It leaves enough mystery to allow the mind to wander but shows another human skin to reveal naked beauty. It’s a perfect balance which will make this collection highly covetable.

His inspiration is taken directly from old pictures shot in the 90’s by iconic photographer Herb Ritts.

“It's more about the girl rather than about a conceptual it is about concept. It's about that girl taking a swimsuit and taking a swim. The moonlight is on her and that's why you can't tell the difference between black and blue. The light catches all of these reflective surfaces and so I chose fabrics where it looked like there was a slick of oil. I didn't want it to be only a sensual and sexy collection. I like the idea of a dress hanging out of a skirt, elements of a military trouser without it being one - buttons, pockets etc. I really wanted to hint at casual clothes and make them very luxurious.”

I very much love.

Photos by Quentin De Wispelaere and Words by Susanna Lau for Dazed Digital

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