Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shop Ghost: a fashionable online destination...

I have just fallen in love with this amazing blog called Shop Ghost. It’s an interactive wonderland filled with the latest fashions brought to you by flashing motif GIF’s. Think shots of well dressed models broken down into items that made up the look, which you can then click to buy. A fashionable break down, if I may.

My favourite post showcases the hottest coats that can be made yours with a few simple clicks. I know that here in Aus, we are now approaching summer, making it hard to wear a heavy textile, but there are also a few light weight khaki military versions that would be perfect to layer over a  pair of denim cut offs and a simple white v-neck. Chic.

Check out this must see online destination, it’s the next best thing to leaving your comfy bed or couch and strolling past high end/high streets stores at your local shopping domain.

SS x

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