Monday, May 27, 2013

Pink beauty buys that I'm loving right now...

Hey Peeps!

I've been enjoying so many pink coloured beauty products lately that I thought I'd be nice and share them with you! My pink finds cover all bases including a long wear lipstick, fruity-tutti scented face washes (in the candy coloured hue of course!) a bath time novelty, as well as a luxe cheek pigment that looks so natural people will actually accuse you of blushing!

Without further ado:

1. Australis Go Long Long Wear Lipstick in Uber Cool:

As you can see by my swatch, it's a beautiful primrose colour with purple undertones. This lipstick actually delivers what it says, it goes so long that I only have to reapply once a day. I've been rocking this shade as my daily go-to because it has a beautiful wintery berry tone. $12.95

2. Lush Fun in Pink:

I bet you're starring at the above image, scratching your head and puzzling over exactly what this pink doughy log is. Well... it's kind of exactly that, accept its a pink fun doughy log.

The bath time masters at Lush came up with this quirky concept, it's basically a multipurpose, mouldable soap that can be used to cleanse the body (or hair!) in the shower or bath. The pink version is fragranced with a citrus burst of lime and lemon essential oils to leave the skin feeling refreshed.

I've been using it when shaving or I crumble a little bit in the bath and allow the fruity scent to sooth my daily woes. Pst! It's also vegan friendly. $9.50

3. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash:

I call this my face cocktail. Why? Well because it actually smells like a pink grapefruit beverage (gin optional). Seriously, as soon as I tried this pretty face wash for the first time I was catching memories of myself at a low key bar in Surry Hills sipping on freshly pulped and juiced grapefruit concoctions. Good memories too, which makes this face wash a well rounded pimple fighting demon.

The refreshing gel purifies without over drying so it's gentle enough to use daily (unlike a lot of pther acne face washes), while pink grapefruit uplifts the senses with a fresh burst.$14.99

4. Makeup Store Blush in Chic:

Latley I've been swirling Makeup Store's Chic Blush onto my cheeks. Although in the above picture the shade looks quite pigmented and bright, when applied with a large bristled brush, the shade is very natural and delicate. It looks as though you are flushed with colour after a brisk winter walk - and that's a pretty look! $POA

What pink products have you guys been using of late?

SS x

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