Thursday, May 23, 2013

Olivia Munn puts the shine in shiny! Steal her look with bhave...

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Suffering from hair envy? I'd actually be surprised if you werent after looking at Olivia Munns locks.

Earlier this month she opted for a short chic bob, and what looks like to me - an intensive hair overhaul. Her hair is so glossy that you just know it would feel like the finest silk garment in your hand. Not like that's creepy or anything...

You really need to take care of your hair if you want it to look this good because your humble shampoo and conditioner just won't cut it - so call in the big guns - perhaps even riot control. Oh believe me, I'm not joking, Riot Control by bhave that is (pictured center).

If your hair needs a nudge in the right direction (that direction being straight to the shower to indulge in these amazing salon products!) read on.

5 Steps to Olivia Munn Worthy Hair:

1. Step into the shower and begin by washing your hair with a fantastic nutrient rich shampoo and conditioner. I've raved about bhave's shampoo and conditioner before here. They're great products to help kick start a hair care overhaul. The main (and very powerful) ingredient is keratin protein. It's derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep and is able to bind severely damaged hair follicles, rebuild the internal hair structure and restore strength, elasticity and shine. 

2. Now that your hair is squeaky clean it's time to intensely hydrate it. It's funny to think of all the hours you've probably put into grooming your hair - and it's actually doing it damage! Brushing alone causes split ends, and all those hours slaving over your ghd to get Victoria's Secret curls adds up to limp, dehydrated, sad looking hair. 

Because of this, you need to use a hardworking in-shower hair treatment. bhave™ Deep Intense Conditioning Masque ($41.95) is now my go to. It contains certified organic argan oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E as well as the amazing keratin protein I mentioned above. All these ingredients help to restore elasticity, improve strength, and boost shine.

Leave it in for about 10 - 15 minutes, so if you're a bath kind of girl, sit back and enjoy that novel your friends been dying for you to read. Or, if you're like me and tend to multitask, message in the treatment and clip your hair up then get to work by exfoliating your limbs in the shower, brushing and whitening your teeth, Clarisonic'ing your skin - heck, even shave your legs, you might as well! Once time is up rinse out thoroughly and witness your hair slip between your fingers, it'll be that soft!

3. Start by towel drying your hair. Once your towel has soaked up much of the excess water take bhave™ Riot Control Serum ($48.95). You can use it on damp or dry hair, I've been using it on damp hair because I find that this is when my hair follicles are fully opened and slurp up the most goodness.

Pump about a ten cent piece worth of serum into the palm of your hand and message through your lengths, making sure to avoid your scalp - you don't want your hair to appear greasy after you have later dried it. 

Riot Control is enriched with antioxidants and organic argan oil. It basically helps to stop frizz from occuring after you have dried your hair, and keeps it looking super duper shiny - yes, just like Olivia's! Yay!

4. The final step to restoring and making your hair appear uber glossy is aligning your self with Fresh Ends by bhave™ ($32.95). Before I rave about what's inside this little canister (pictured to the far right) lets look at the packaging! I have never enjoyed applying a leave-in treatment so much in my life. Basically, to squirt out product you have to push down on the white "button" on the top of the lid. When you do this the perfect dollop of cream comes out. Absolutely genius!

Anywho, Fresh Ends is to be added to - you guessed it - your ends. You can do this on damp hair just like you have with Riot Control, or when hair is dry, before you style with a hair dryer. It helps to seal split ends thanks to slow-release ceratonia peptides that work inside the hair structure to continuously repair damage, and certified organic argan oil, aloe vera and macadamia oil which aid in controlling fly-aways without weighing hair down or creating product build up.

5. Style your hair as you normally would. Olivia has used a round barrel brush and a hair dryer to achieve her sleek straight locks.

I hope you enjoy swishing your hair around Munn' style!

SS x

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