Sunday, October 28, 2012


Bar Rafaeli loves to soak up some sun just like the rest of us!

A day spent at the beach basking in the sun delivers two kinds of results. The first is short term, a deep bronzed complexion that will have you smouldering when you pair your new complexion with a tangerine lip and a relaxed top knot. 

The second however, is long term,  it's dry skin at best with wrinkles in the form of crow’s feet (tiny lines that emerge on the outer corner of the eyes), and even life threatening melanoma at worst.

If only there were a hair and skin lifeguard, bolting around the beach, slathering sun screen onto molten bodies, spritzing hair serum into lackluster locks and frisbeeing out caps to shield delicate faces from the sun. In reality through, your best beauty hero... is you!

Here in Aus, with a large hole in our ozone layer that resides above us, we really do need to protect our skin when we head outdoors because the UVA and UVB rays are that much stronger.

There is a strong fallacy that wearing sunscreen is dowdy and uncool. Believe me – the world’s most beautiful women all have one regret as they near their 30’s and 40’, “why didn’t I wear sunscreen?”

The absolutely gorgeous Kate Bosworth was recently interviewed by the beauty experts at Primped. They asked her what her top skin care tips were and she responded with:

Take a preventative strike against the environment. What I love about Australia, and Los Angeles where I live, is that we’re constantly outside and have a very active lifestyle. But this involves some environmental wear and tear. I’ve always taken good care of my skin, and developed a rigorous routine in my twenties, but if I could turn back time I would tell my teenage self to get out of the sun as much as possible! My fiancé’s daughter is 14 and all she wants to do in the summer is get a tan. I was the same way and while you do want to let teenagers be teenagers, I feel like chasing after her with a bottle of Facial Essence (By SK11)!”

Appling sunscreen doesn’t have to be a painstaking task. If anything, it can be a fun ritual that will see you playing safe, while still gaining an enviable glow.

Here are my picks of the best face, body and lip sunscreen as well as a UVB/UVA hair protector and a gorgeous face mist that will see you hydrated and dewy. That’s something we’re all after during the summer season.

Oh, and what better to place all these gorgeous products in, then a Zimmermann beach bag. I’ve also picked out a great play-suit with full sleeved arms in a light wearable material, and a gorgeous floral cap to protect your face during those sweltering days. Get ready to slip slop slap girls!

Clockwise: Water floral painted silk cap by Zimmermann, Rainbow raffia bag with pom poms by Zimmermann, True Blue Spa Watch Your Mouth SPF 45 lip balm, Evian facial spray.

Clockwise: Oasis wrap play-suit by Zimmermann, Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray 30+ Neutrogena,  Joico K-PAK Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk, Wet Skin Sunscreen spray with SPF 50, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection cream for face SPF 55.

These are all the products you will need to hit the beach in style, after all style is all about fresh hydrated skin isn't it? Make sure to reapply your sun screen liberally throughout the day. The Neutrogena sunscreen spray is particularly good as is sprays on clear and sets dry (you can even spray this on top of your makeup during the day). No more sticky beach bottoms! The Shiseido sunscreen for the face offers both sun protection as well as ultra hydrating benefits and the Evian facial spray will also help you retain moisture.

I hope this inspires you to fill your beach bag with items that are big on luxury and skin safety!

SS x

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