Friday, November 2, 2012

November Love List...

It’s not unusual for me to develop obsessions.

I go through phases where I only watch a certain TV show (and talk about it to everyone), or only like wearing a certain style of clothing until I’m completely and utterly over it, or I fall in love with a beauty product and I place it on its own pedestal and continually go back for more, every single night. 

Here is my current list of things that have ‘wowed’ me. They are on high rotation. I know that phrase can only really relate to music, movies or TV, but believe me, my current facial serum can also be placed in this category, especially when you consider how many times its lid rotates off, and then back on again!

So without further ado, here is my love list:

1.      The walking Dead (TV) - Not for the mild at heart or for those with a weak stomach. I would have included myself as the type of person I wouldn’t suggest this TV show for; however I now love it! The Walking Dead is an American television drama series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It’s basically about a police man who wakes up to find that there has been a zombie apocalypse whilst he was in a coma. He then goes out into this new and frightening world and has to find his family and remain positive. It is gruesome but eventually you get over all the blood and guts and enjoy a really strong story line.

2.      Lisa Elderidge Youtube beauty channel – Lisa Eldridge is basically the queen of beauty. She owns that crown and it is tightly fastened to her glossy hair. She has worked magic on the faces or Keira Knightly to Kate Moss, and has contributed to many magazine beauty pages. She has a very soothing English accent, which I love, and her channel is expert but spoken in layman’s terms so that anyone can pick up some flattering makeup tips. It’s definitely worth a look.

 .      Dried figs to snack on – I’ve always loved figs, whether they are fresh or dried. I find that having a few in a container in my handbag helps me snack right. They are a good source of natural sugar so they do help if I need a bit of a sugar perk. They are also a great resource of potassium and studies have shown that they aid in reducing macular degeneration.

  .      Mukti Antioxidant Serum to sleep in – I love, love, love this serum. It has fast become my number one! This product contains fourteen oils that are rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), which assist with skin maintenance and regeneration, including calendula, evening primrose, rosehip, gotu koka, pomegranate, tamanu, olive leaf and carrot seed, plus some divine-smelling essential oils like sandalwood and patchouli. This serum has helped with my relentless dry skin and it allows me to wake up with a glow!

5.      Grey T-shirts for everything! -  This one speaks for itself. Pair a grey tee with any skirts or shorts and your ready to head out in minimal chic style.

  .      Tory Burch fox ballet flats – How amazing are these bad boys. Seriously? You cannot get much cuter! I can’t wait to get my hands on these. They will pretty up any outfit and add some quirk-appeal.

That’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed, what’s your favourite from my list?

SS x

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