Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Feast your eyes on this... if your stomach dares!

It seems as though I have a soft spot for Sheraton on the Park. Well, I might as well come out with it... it's true!

Sydney’s Sheraton on the Park has wooed me of late. You may remember my very recent article where I swooned over the newly refurbished Ambassadors Suite that costs just a mere $5000 a night. Hey! For all the inclusions, privacy, lavish decor and five star service, I really am able to play down that price! It was an absolutely dreamy room and I recommend it to anyone who has a special evening coming up, or is in the mood to just spoil themselves.

However, after dining at Sheraton on the Park’s equally lavish, recently re-launched seafood buffet/restaurant aptly named Feast, my crush has evolved and gone to a whole new and very delicious level!

If you’re scratching your head, thinking to yourself “wasn’t there another restaurant at Sheraton? An award winning one at that?” You would be right!

Feast has just replaced the previous and very popular Botanica Brasserie – which was in fact named Brasserie/Café of the Year at the TAA (NSW) Awards for Excellence in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

So what is new and why should you go?

1.       The Decor – Ultra modern with a glamorous yet eclectic vibe. Think of a room decked out in marble with pops of colour to add extra life. I particularly loved the quirky forest green timber chairs that were neatly arrange around a curved super comfortable lounged seating corner.

2.       The Food – the much loved favourites are still there including the super fresh seafood bar, however there is now a wood fired pizza bar and also a large and almost too decadent patisserie, meaning your sweet tooth won’t go unsatisfied!

3.       Chef David Watson – the man with the Midas touch... everything he touches turns to gold, or a delicious lemon tart? Both just as good!

4.       The Experience – It’s second to none. Want an intimate dinner for two? This is the perfect place to share a meal within an intimate setting. Or do you want a more laid back night with a group of friends? Feast is a go-to option yet again as you can arrange to have a larger table while you look out at Hyde Park while sharing those much needed laughs at the end of your work week. Feast has the ability to taper to any occasion. I think that in itself is one of its best qualities.

 All in all I had a fantastic meal of fresh seafood; the lobster and crab were by far my favourite, which were all layered beautifully with an assortment of sugary cakes and lemon sorbet. I really out did myself this time!

Head to the Feast website to arrange a booking, and you too can be in foodie heaven.

Prices start at $99 a head for the buffet (not including drinks) on the weekend, although prices differ throughout the week so make sure to call and book a table.

Until next time,

SS x

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