Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My beauty must-haves, splurges, go-to products and gripes...

I think everyone has that one beauty product that they will love for life, or for what seems like a very long time anyway. We all go through long-adoration-phases with products. 

My tweens was all about Lip Smackers (Coca –Cola Smacker anyone?!), high school I didn’t smear anything on my face unless it was Maybeline’s foundation compact (it’s now off the shelves and will forever remain nameless), my 18’s to 20’s was filled with a plethora of mineral makeup, I probably swapped to the more light-weight coverage after all those years of wearing that heavy duty foundation above, tsk tsk! I also converted all my friends to the world of mineral makeup, and then dumped the ‘It’ trend like it was hot. 

And now my early twenties are filled with loving anything and everything Shu Uemura and Jo Malone, both for the gorgeous packaging and both for the brilliance inside!

But of course my beauty lust and must haves extend further than those two luxe labels. I love a beauty bargain as well ladies! I recently was asked a whole list of beauty related questions for Go check them out; it’s honestly the most fun and informative site in the world. No – the universe! I’m sure thanks to Primped we are the best looking species in this corner of space anyways. 

Read my extend list here! You will learn a thing or three about me! Even my beauty gripes! *Cough cough* Tiger stripe hair highlights. They’re just a little tacky right? I can be excused for my honesty surely! 

Big air kisses, 

SS x

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