Sunday, January 13, 2013

January love list:

Can you believe we’re already half way through January? Craziness! In this whirlwind of a month I’ve added a few more loves to my life-list.

They cover all things beauty, fashion and health, and this time also entertainment.

I won’t keep you waiting much longer, but perhaps print off this list and see what you can achieve from it during the last week-and-a-bit of glorious January.


  1. Juice Cleanse – You read me blether on about my juice detox/cleanse a couple of posts ago, and guess what, my love for it hasn’t dulled. I suggest buying yourself a compact little juicer, they’re not too pricey, and join the phenomenon. Word to the wise – don’t blend too many fruits ending in melon. I made this tummy-troubling mistake when I blended rock melon, watermelon and honeydew (honeydew is pretty much a melon right?). It hurt!
  2. Meditation App’s – I’ve been App-happy this month, especially with meditation and positivity training types. The best free App’s are: Stop Panic and Anxiety, Qi Gong Meditation, Think Happiness, Mediation Life, Buddhist Mediation. All should be available for both Iphone and Android models. 

  1. Cooling eye mask - This Cooling Eye Mask with Massage Beads is a regular on the top shelf of my fridge. When refrigerated this eye mask works wonders to calm the face after a workout, on a hot day (we’ve had plenty of those lately), or as I have been using a lot, to sooth and de-puff morning eyes. At first I got a few strange glances from mum and dad when wearing this around the house, but I’m pleased to say that mum now uses it almost as frequently as me for her migraines. At only $20 it’s a steal! You can find them here. 


1.      M.A.C Volcanic Ash Exfoliator – If you think the name is impressive, wait until you try the actual product! M.A.C has released this gem in the past, but this revamped addition now comes in an easy to use tube rather then tub, and also with the addition of silicon plus sugar, so it’s a true hardworking exfoliator. Girls who love M.A.C will know that their foundations, powders and general beauty products are perfect to cover any imperfections. This is due to the dense concealers within, and why M.A.C can even be used as stage makeup – the only down side to how great at these products are at concealing, is that you need a strong astringent exfoliator to make sure you clean our your pores regularly. I’d suggest using this once a week.

2.      M.A.C Prep + Prime BB Crème – If you haven’t jumped onto the Beauty Balm movement yet… well you’re just silly aren’t you? Seriously, it’s amazing stuff. The coverage is as consistent as your regular liquid foundation, but it’s sheer like a tinted moisturiser. The extra perk? It’s filled with great ingredients for your skin like anti-ageing properties to anti-stress additives. This crème compact by M.A.C is pure genius; it offers a nice easy-to-spread formulation that lasts all day.


1.      T by Alexander Wang Mesh and cotton-jersey muscle dress – I got pretty spoilt over the Christmas break! This is one of my new favourite dresses that Ma’ and Pa’ gifted to me. It looks great when worn relaxed by itself, or when cinched at the waist with a vintage tan belt.

2.      Robyn House of Harlow Sunnies – Another new fave. These beautiful wide rimmed frames, designed by House of Harlow, or to cut to the chase, Nicole Richie, look very 1940’s. I love the unique detailing you can see in the profile view.


  1. Breaking Bad – Okay, okay. I know I’m late to start watching this series. It is amazing! I was hooked after the first episode and needless to say, have been watching it straight for the last week or so. I feel a lot of empathy for Walter, the main character, and have come to understand why he is pushed into entering a world of crime. 

That's it hot little honeys! Tell me what you think when you try any of the above. Or, if you already have, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

SS x

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