Sunday, January 13, 2013

Red Carpet Fashion Awards at the Golden Globes 2013

The world’s best cinematic and televised actresses frocked up for the red carpet today, and boy did they put on a great show.

 This came as no real shock; it’s the Golden Globes after all. My pondering was more devoted to who would break away from the fash-pack, or be brave enough to take a risk within their couture wardrobe (or borrowed one).

 I was a tad bit disappointed with Sienna Miller who normally gets it so right, wore a powdery-pink embellished number that screamed mother-of-the-bride.

 Heidi Klum seemed to wear an obvious curvaceous gown (yawn, we all saw that coming) and Sarah Hyland tried to throw her innocent  choices of yesteryear out the window and opt for a cleavage revealing dress that just looked a little wrong. What was with the Fran Fine hair as well? I think she was channelling her fellow on screen actress, Sofia Vergara.

 Oh and Taylor Swift, sure the gown was gorgeous, but it was on you. So I can’t say I liked it much. Try smiling or something eh?

So after all this hating, I was delighted when a whole hoard of up-and-comers took me by surprise. They were brave. They were fierce (in a Beyonce kind of way), and they out shone pretty much every A-lister there... bar one. 

My first place goes to a red carpet regular, and this year she has cemented herself as a great. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2080 my future great-grandchildren were to buy antique coasters with her face adorning them. That’s how big she is now. 

So without holding you up much longer with my rambling, here is the best and exactly why:

Runners up:

1.       Stacy Kiebler, you got the fashion formula just right. You choose to show off your slender well toned shoulders and arms, but left us envious over your body that was, actually, all covered up. You didn’t opt for the ultra-popular side split (cough cough Eva Longoria), and so you looked chic yet sexy all at once. 

 .       Rachel Weisz could you look any more French if you tried? I think not. I love how we can imagine exactly what that little cinched LBD would look on you, but the sheer polka dot textile adds a cute touch. 

 .       Zooey Deschanel, wow, red really is your colour! The love heart neckline with a full-bodied skirt makes this dress very Disney Princess, but who better to pull it off then kooky you. Kudos for sticking to your signature style. Stylists... eh, what are they good for?

      3rd place: Michelle Dockery, you kind of looked like you were dipped into the same liquid gold that the golden globes are made from, but it works for you! This slimming, very flattering gown offsets your red tinged hair perfectly. Your accessories were not cluttered, but refined coming from the same style story. 

2nd Place: Katherine Mcphee, today you proved makeup alone is not your only talent. You also pull off stellar avant-garde looks. I expected you to wear something very feminine, you did not. I like shock factor. Oh, and those heels, the front strap looks invisible... love it you cheeky dev you.

1st place: Anne Hathaway, this outfit is far from miserable. You’ve really come into your own, I’m glad that you left your neck bare and kept your hair and makeup simple. You also didn’t fake tan, and for the better. You owned your own presence. I don’t think anyone could have pulled off white the same way you did today. This ensemble? It’s your best yet. 

Which is your favourite look?

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Temeika-Jo said...

'you cheeky dev you' and 'not so miserable'. Loved this post so much.

Completely agree with you, Katherine McPhee rocked the red carpet. And Anne Hathaway continues to take my breath away on and off the screen!

Did you like Jessica Alba's coral number? I loved her ensemble. xx

Sarah Sayers said...

I also thought Jessica Alba looked incredible, but I favoured her statement lip more. Emily Blunt also looked really good in that soft lemon shade. Too many celebs and not enough time! xxx