Thursday, January 10, 2013

The return of the humble bobby pin...

Katharine McPhee has kindly demonstrated that bobby pins shouldn’t just be reserved for the under-tens alone. Yes – the humble bobby pin is making a swift comeback, and this time with perky playful colour to boot!

How gorgeous does Katharine look here with slightly tousled waves that are pined back with three coloured pins? It instantly takes her somewhat grown-up ensemble and makes it more relaxed. She cleverly paired this pretty pinned back do with a cherry matte lip, and luminous barely there makeup.

 If she would have worn a bold statement eyelid, say a cobalt blue eyeshadow, this look would have went from tongue-in-cheek to Cirque du Soleil. Not what we want to achieve here.

Katharine has inspired me to hunt down some eye catching bobby pins of my own. I love that this trend is able to make a big beauty statement, without injuring my bank account.

My pick of the bobby pin bunch? Kit Cosmetics Hair Pins in four tones of citrus yellow, mango orange, lavender lilac and what I’d describe as eggplant purple at the end. Gorgeous!

And just to prove that Katherine is one to take a beauty cue from, here are three other contemporary looks she has pulled off lately, that have won my heart as well.

1.       Katherine’s aqua marine mani with accent nail:

2.       Gorgeous 1940’s finger waves

 .       Relaxed headband braid:

Hope you enjoyed, TGIF - see you next week!

SS x

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