Wednesday, March 13, 2013

M.A.C shows us how to embrace our inner Archie Girl

I'm about to reveal a little bit about myself that may have some eyebrows raising. If I had to choose which girl I resemble more between Archie Girls Betty (a.k.a sweet and innocent blondie, girl-next-door type) or Veronica (a.k.a neighborhood heart-breaker with a cheeky mischeivious streak) I'd have to be honest and say I definitley have an inner-Veronica.

Ahh... it feels so good to let that cat out of the bag!

The new M.A.C collection is based on these two retro comic-strip girls that represent most of the female populartion. We all have one friend that is 'sugar and spice and all things nice', and one that has more of a fiery edge but you just know that they have a good heart once you remove the whole egotistical personality-complex.

It was a smart choice for M.A.C to base their collection off two completely opposite girls. They also picked products that aligned with their charcter perfectly.

For instance, Veronica's collection features moody plum and navy nail-polish, berry toned lipsticks and a fushia rouge for the cheeks.There are also quiet a few other products dedicated to rich-girl Veronica but these by far are my faves.

If you think you're more of a blonde Betty though, make sure to check out the complete collection either in store or online.

Oh, and as if I even have to mention how adorbs the packaging is?!

Are you a Veronica or Betty?

SS x

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