Monday, March 4, 2013

One to watch: Atlanta de Cadenet-Taylor

She’s the girl with the porcelain skin, big brown eyes and wild enchanted hair. She sits front row at fashion shows and sips vodka tonics at some of Britain's most A-list events. So who is this fashionista / socialite / glamourzon?

She goes by the name Atlanta de Cadenet-Taylor.

She’s best known in local London for her modeling (which all looks as if it was shot by Terry Richardson), mixing up beats at cool night spots, and mostly just because she’s the daughter of former IT girl Amanda de Cadenet, and Duran Duran’s John Taylor, which I guess is a pretty hefty claim to fame.

However, what caught my attention when I first saw Atlanta in pap-snaps was her killer style - a look that she hasn’t even pigeonholed herself in. She takes style cues from so many fashion sub-categories that if you were to judge her purely off one chance encounter, you might have her figured out all wrong, thinking she’s goth-chic, when the next would simply confuse her for a vintage thrift shop lover.

Here are five style notes to jot down from this blossoming fashion-supernova:

  1. Do let your socks be seen when layered with this season’s winter ankle boots.
  2. Invest is a killer leather skirt that can be guided in so many different directions, think preppy to feminine chic.
  3. Embrace maxi dresses – they are big on sophistication, sometimes less really is more.
  4. Add depth to your wardrobe by purchasing winter staples in various textiles, lengths and shades. I love Atlanta’s leather bomber just as much as her warm fur trench.
  5. Don’t be afraid of the matchy-matchy combo. Statement pieces deserve to steal the spotlight, so pair your favourite accessories with textiles that mirror the same feel.
What do you guys think? Is Atlanta someone you look up to in the style stakes?

SS x

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