Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's your desk missing? Pst! Meditation oil....

I’ve just realised that I do in fact enjoy cheap thrills, not the same ones that derailed celeb Charlie Sheen enjoys, but of the beauty and wellbeing kind!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m loving my meditation apps I have downloaded onto my phone. Aligning my chakras at night before I go to sleep, or partaking in some guided mediation that has me imagining I’m in a large green paddock… well apparently it’s my thing! I enjoy these hippy trippy practices on a near nightly basis.

It wasn’t until I started my new job though that a little product fell into my hands that I absolutely love, and also embraces all of the above.

It’s also one of those beauty finds that I’m not sure how I even had it in the first place, it was in my ever-growing basket full of beauty related fancifuls at home. Any who – Natio Natural Perfume Roll-On Oil in Bakhur Attar or “oasis of calm”, literally became a cheap thrill for me at work.

Being able to dap a little bit of this precious oil onto my pulse points and take in the exotic aroma calmed my senses as I madly typed away one of my many Bridal articles. 

But with every tale (even the beauty kind) there is always a tragedy – I found out that Natio doesn’t stock this little bottle of heaven anymore! *Natio – if you’re reading this that was a bad move because a product this good is hard to come by!

Luckily I’ve settled on another favourite while I await Natio to restart there factory machinery and get back to making this liquid gold, it’s from another beauty company I adore, well known as Kiehl’s.
I’ve been told by lots of pals that their Coriander 1946 Essence Oil is the perfect roll on to stow in a clutch, hand bag or desk draw.

The great news is that its uni-sex, isn’t sickly sweet so you won’t get any annoying midday migraines, and it’s of a great price point at only $25! 

Get your cheap thrill on now.

SS x

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