Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blake Lively is a natural when it comes to red carpet makeup…

It’s no secret that I think Blake Lively is, well… lively!

Not many other starlets can get away with hitting the red carpet, sans smoky eye, and still leave a lasting impression.

I’ll admit, what grabbed me first when I saw this pap-shot of Blake was actually her amazing burgundy Maria Schwab dress. Then as my eyes narrowed in even more it was her svelte legs (which I raved about before here) which were completed with Bottega Veneta heels (swoon). But upon zooming into her face, I was impressed with the healthy glint in her eye, and perfect matte complexion.

You can tell Blake our friend doesn’t spend too many late nights hitting the town. We can thank Ryan Reynolds for that!

If you want to look as fresh faced as Blake, here are the products you will need...

Normally I’d suggest making up the face after you have perfected your eye shadow, but since Blake has opted for a sheerer, slightly illuminated lid, we can start with an amazing base first.

I suggest Revlon’s New Complexion Oil-Control Makeup. I can’t think of one girl who actually likes their makeup to move throughout the day – that’s just crazy talk. This foundation allows you to have a seamless face minus oily t-zone for hours on end.  $24.95

Next it’s to her natural rose-toned lips and cheeks. Because I think both her smoochers and cheeks are of the same colour, I’m thinking her makeup artist would have used a lip and cheek tint. 

Becca's Beach Tint gives a wonderful natural result, without the gooiness of lip-gloss or balm, and when blended properly on the cheeks, it looks as if you have just completed a lengthy pilate’s class and your blood is circulating throughout your body like a dream - I have a great imagination don’t I? $42

We’ve now made it to her glistening eyes. A smidgen of M.A.C’s legendary Extra Dimension Eye Shadow is all that's needed. Simply blend to perfection on the upper lid, sweep under the lower lash line, and dab just in the inner corners of the eyes to allow them to really sparkle. $50

Finally we can’t ignore her long, perfectly combed and lacquered, lashes. I’m glad that Blake realised the necessity of making her lashes as standout and lengthy as possible. Her choice not to wear any liquid eyeliner means that without said lashes, she would look a little bare. I’ve recently fallen in love with Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara. I find that upon opening and looking at the brush, no unnecessary gooey pigment remains at the tip of the bristles. Basically it leaves less smudging and makes my lashes look naturally long – just like Blake’s.

Also after doing some research I’ve realised that the ingredients within this award winning mascara are carauba wax, moringa oil, rice bran wax and candelilla wax – ingredients used by ancient Egyptians! By wearing this mascara I’m kind of mirroring Cleopatra’s first grooming routine! Eye Of Horus is from an Australian website and is only a mere $34.95.

This complete look would work well for work, social events, to very dressy occasions. If it’s good enough for Blake’s red carpet appearance, it’s good enough for me!

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