Sunday, April 14, 2013

Celeb beauty: The ultimate blonde, brunette, ginger & raven

The Blonde: Kate Upton 
Kate Upton is an American model made famous thanks to her many appearances in Sports Illustrated magazine. She has many assets - not including the ones that made her male fans fall in love, but in my opinion, it's her naturally blonde hair.

She shot to international fame because she embodies what it means to be an 'all American girl', 'the girl next door' and 'the blonde bombshell' all at once. No mean feat!

 I love that she shows off natural roots without dying them a false peroxide white-blonde. She's also sporting a really healthy mid-length cut minus split ends.

The Brunette: Emilia Clarke

Isn't she a beauty?! Emilia Clarke is best known for her role in the über popular Game of Thrones HBO series. Her glossy brunette locks have been on my radar for a while, and her elfin features are hard not to love. 

 Her look is completely smouldering without any overtly sexualised-tackiness. If you actually do have this hair colour naturally (not from a bottle), please don't dye it! You will lose the natural sheen that Emilia has. 

Also, try opt for a long cut, all in the same length, without any layers. It's modern, clean and will take you from day-to-night despite the occasion.

The Ginger: Debby Ryan

The young Disney actress really rocks this hit-or-miss shade. Her skin colour features caramel undertones, which basically means she can pull off any hair colour including blonde, which we see many actresses switch to in the pursuit of fame. 

In this case I'm so happy Debby, who naturally has mousey brown hair, chose this ginger hue. It's an exact match to her eyes (and I love matchy-matchy!) and it means that she can wear fun, experimental makeup that will offset this equally quirky hair colour.

The Raven: Katy Perry

One of my favourite celebs is the gorgeous Katy Perry. We've all been on Katy's hair journey, seeing her switch her locks from blue, to pink, to purple to blonde, but in my opinion the best hair colour for her is startling black. 

Her raven locks create a gorgeous contrast with her porcelain white skin, and the dark shade screams drama, which of course her life is all about at the moment!

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