Friday, April 12, 2013

My slice of nail-art heaven with Zoe Pocock - designer and director of Nail Rock London

It was only last Thursday that I had the pleasure of meeting a beauty supernova. And by beauty supernova I clearly mean Zoe Pocock. This nail-art guru straight from London has earned her constant accolades in the beauty industry; she has worked backstage at some of the most prestigious runways, blinging out talons that looked so exquisite, even Lady Gaga would be envious!

When I was requested to meet her in the flesh and receive a complimentary mani featuring her new Nail Rock London products (would you believe?!), I could hardly contain my excitement! I quickly removed all traces of nail polish. Buffed and filed my nails, and even applied a little cuticle oil to boot! And then I scrawled down five questions that I was dying for her to answer.

Without rambling on too much more, here they are:

1.       What is your number one rule for creating and keeping healthy nails?

Cuticle oil! At least use once a day - if not twice. You can use anything to soften the nail cuticle, if you’ve run out of your usual tiny bottle even use an argon oil, bio oil – heck, vegetable oil if need be. But always remember to let the oil soak in and dry. You don’t want to paint your nails directly after, as your polish is more prone to chipping because it’s been applied to a lubricated nail bed.

2.       If you were stranded on a tropical island and could only wear one nail polish shade for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would have to be emerald green! Yeh, nothing boring – I hate boring. I’m actually tired of seeing girls wear matte black nail polish with nothing else going on. Your nails are a place to have fun.

3.       Why has nail-art exploded in the huge way that it has? Does this trend have much longevity?

I think it’s exploded because it’s now another way for females to express themselves. In fact, this trend exploded in other countries in Europe and Asian first before it became massive in the western world. It was only going to be time until it happened here. I think the future of the trend in now heading towards texture though, not just bright colours. Girls will want to experiment with materials like velvet, or foils, or 3D accents.

4.       Tell me more about your role as Director of Innovation for Nail Rock London.

Well after years of being in the industry it was only natural that one day I’d create my own nail-art range. I was first noticed when I started the Louboutin nails. You know the shiny black top coat and the red coat under the length of the nails to mimic the red sole. That was my beginning internationally. Nail rock London features products I have personally dreamt up and designed. Everything from my 3D tiny teddy bears, or the tutti fruiti range. I create the products and then distribute. Places like Priceline here in Australia have these readily available so that girls can copy the looks off the runways. It’s so accessible.

5.       You have worked on models nails backstage at so many international fashion weeks (including our MBFWA) which has been your favourite so far?

This is easy – by far Vivienne Westwood. She’s just out of this world. Crazy - a bit like me, I get how her creative energy works. Watching her runway shows isn’t just seeing new fashion trends; it’s a whole experience, like going to see a production. 

Anyway, preparing for her shows is also challenging which I like. She is prone to changing her mind just before the show, on what she wants the models to wear on their nails. So I’ll have up to thirty nail designs ready for her to choose from so that way all systems are go.

And that's it lovies!

I love all of her nail foils, and 3D glue on motifs, but my favourite from the collection are the Jade Quail Nail Wraps, I wore them recently to my birthday cocktails paired with a jade cocktail ring. It was matchy-matchy heaven.

Make sure to head to your closest Priceline and spy her new range. I’m sure you will leave with at least one kit in your basket!

SS x

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