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Skin02's cutting-edge products perk up my complexion!

Karlie Kloss and other models worldwide use key skin ingredients like Ubiquinone (C0 Q Enzyme 10) for a fast, super-speedy glow!
I’m already hearing gasps of shock before I’ve even started typing out my first sentence! But here it goes - I’ve already started my anti-aging skin routine.

You see, I come from the beauty belief system that prevention is better than cure. You know.... things like wear sunscreen before you hit the beach, opposed to smearing on aloe vera upon your return. And drink a whole Powerade before you hit ‘the club’ to hydrate your body, rather then expect a greasy kebab to fix your woes in the icky early hours of the morning.

Most things that are going to be beneficial for your body should happen before any problems occur – it’s just us human beings aren’t good at time management (this includes me most of the time – just not in this case. I’m trying to be ahead of the curve).

So continuing on my little ranty, why try crazily to turn back the hands of time once fine lines have already appeared? Once that’s occurs, you pretty much need to head straight for injectables. While you’re still young, you need to look after your skin and feed your epidermis with nutrients to have it looking in prime condition. Now before I continue my rebuttal any further, here’s why I have started using some (amazing) anti-ageing products.
  1. I work, like, a lot!
Waking up at 5am, driving for about an hour or so to work, then leaving work on average at 6.30pm and falling asleep at 11pm at night takes its toll. Six hours worth of Z’s for me really isn’t enough, I think ten would be more beneficial... haha! 

Before I started trialing the products I’m about to blab about, my mum kindly told me I looked very tired. I was starting to sport bags under my eyes and little fine lines in between my eyebrows from constantly frowning at a bright screen at work. 

After a little bit of research I found that these lines are actually called Glabellar lines:

Call me narcissistic, but I need to nip these ‘twenty something wrinkles’ in the bud! 

Say hello to my helping hand, or erm… creams/serums!

Skin02 is a ‘doctor driven’ skin care supplier. Gold Coast Cosmetic surgeon Dr Atia helps provide sassy ladies achieve fresh, perfected complexions thanks to their fabulous research, as well as sourcing the highest quality skincare ingredients used by dermatologists and skin specialists worldwide. You can just image the smile that appeared on my face when I was asked to try Skin02’s anti-ageing products that promised to deliver speedy results in an estimated thirty days.

Over the last month I:
  • Smeared on Skin O2’s Collagen Renewal Moisteriser for normal/dry skin ($45)
  • Dabbed on Skin02’s Daily Peptide Eye Cream ($69)
  • And gave myself an at home skin02 Whitening A,C,E Brightening Infusion Serum Facial ($POA)
Basically every night after I came out of the shower I would take a gloop of Skin 02's Renewel Moisturiser and lavish it on my facial planes.

 I'd then take my Peptide eye cream and dip my finger into the tiny tub so that there was about a rice grain sized amount and carefully messaged the cream in inward circles around my eyes. I did this every night, in the morning I already use many primers, sunscreens and daily moisturisers so I didn't want to overload my pores – and besides, with the powerful ingredients in the above, they really didn't need to be working double duty!

I found that after a month of using both of the above, my skin was firmer, and I can only describe it as pushing down on the cheeks of a babies bottom, I had that much sort after bounce-back effect, so in terms of giving my skin back extra elasticity – it went above and beyond and I'm super pleased.

Another added perk to the moisturiser and peptide eye cream is that they have a strong citrus scent – I personally find this aroma very uplifting so it was a pleasure to apply to my face.

The last product I reviewed was the Skin 02 Whitening A,C,E Brightening Infusion Serum. This product has seriously filled a void in my 'beauty life' that I have been looking for, for sometime.

I love DIY at-home beauty treatments so when I received a very sci-fi looking vial of this oxygen infusion I was, in total honesty, a little out of my depth. But thanks to the awesome video explanations on Skin02's site I quickly realised how easy this treatment is, and I could do it myself at home.

Basically the brightening infusion serum contains two solutions that are kept separate. After cleaning your face thoroughly all you have to do is peel back the white cap, push down the raised lid to merge the secluded 'very special ingredients' and shake well. The secret ingredients are basically active liposomes. 

What are these “Liposomes” you ask. 

cue deep breath - liposomes are minute vesicles that contain a double membrane. Because they have a double membrane, they can absorb both water soluble active ingredients (E.g. water soluble vitamins, chemical preservatives) within the liposome, and fat soluble substances (E.g. fat soluble vitamins, perfume) in the liposome membrane, and transport these into the skin. For substances which have a positive effect on the skin, this transport function is desired and welcomed because it delivers double the results. 

Because Skin 02's Whitening serum contains fantastic ingredients like:

Stabilised HA - smooths & softens, plumps & hydrates.
Soluable Collagen - skin firming
Grape Extract - anti-oxidant, anti-aging, UV protection
Psedoalteromanas Ferment Extract - plumps fine lines
Liposome Retinol - promotes cellular renewal
Mulberry Root Extract - skin brightener, anti-inflammatory
Subtilisan - smoothes and softens
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate - balances oil production
Tocopheral Vitamin E - helps nourish & repair skin
Dextran nonapeptide-1 - skin lightening, inhibits melanin
Ubiquinone - evens skin & gives healthy glow
Liposome Vitamin C - promotes collagen, helps with scar repair

…. It's a very good thing!

After I merged both the active liposomes into the listed ingredients in my vial, I poured one quarter of the formulation into a glass bowl. 

Wearing gloves as to not waste any of this amazing formulation on my hands, I took a cotton ball and allowed the key ingredients to pass into its fibers. I then pressed this amazing solution into my open pours until my whole face was covered. To allow the fast working nutrients to completely absorb, I sat in front of my fan and allowed my face to air dry for about roughly ten minutes.

After this process, I looked int the mirror and my cheeks were puffy and refreshed, and my skin was literally aglow from the vitamins!

From one vial you will get around three treatments which is fabulous value.

I definitely recommend that anyone looking to give your complexion a boost, even if you are from a mind set that you're still 'too young', to check out Skin 02. Because all the products are doctor formulated, you know you're in trustworthy hands.

SS x

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