Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yet to buy a gift for Fathers Day? Don't stress! Grab Neutrogena's Men's Range

Once again 'Love Your Dad' day has rolled around. I have a sneaking suspicion that most twenty-somethings (or even thirty-somethings!) are still scratching their heads pondering what to purchase. Us Gen-Y kids leave everything to the last minute - this time around though that mightn't be such a bad thing!

Say hello to this years last minute but oh-so-manly gift. Neutrogena's Men's range offers your dad a gift that's:

1) Readily available (at major supermarkets, variety stores and pharmacies nationally)
2) Cheap but great quality
3) Something he needs (other then undies and socks!)
4) Someting he will love and feel spoilt by (because lets face it, most men rarely enter the world of beauty so this range is as luxurious as they have probably ever encounted!)
5) And something he won't be wishing he could hunt down the receipt for in order to exchange it for a better pressie. 

Because I think it's esential to trial all beauty produts before I dare ask you to fork out the cash for them, my wonderful dad has played handsom hamster and trialled all of the above so that you will know what a 'real life' dad will think of this range. 

Without further ado, here's what he thought of each products texture, smell and overall appeal and the order that he used them in over the last two weeks.

NEUTROGENA Men’s Face Scrub, $11.99

Felt like: It was smooth and less abrasive than other scrubs I've tried. It left my skin feeling cleaner, and prepared it for shaving.
Smelt like: It had a really gentle scent, not overpowering but just right.
Over all thought: It made me feel like I was doing my face and skin a favour by looking after it.

NEUTROGENA Men’s Skin Clearing Shave Cream $7.99
Felt like: It was really silky smooth, applied easily, and a small amount went a long way, so it's economical as well as functional. The razor glided easily through my stubble leaving less chance of razor cuts or rash. 

Smelt like:  This also had a gentle scent and wasn't overpowering.
Over all thought: I enjoyed shaving with this cream and had no hassles, which is great - I could dream of better things to be doing at the time (i.e on a deserted island retreat!)

NEUTROGENA Men’s Cooling Cleansing Gel, $11.99
Felt like: The gel is gritty, but not uncomfortable, it felt like I was giving my skin a good hard massage or exfoliating scrub.
Smelt like: Extremely fresh, like peppermint or spearmint.
Over all thought: I can compare this one to a cool cool swim in the ocean, like when you first dive under the water and have that first cold embrace on your body. Made me feel totally alive, a real zing.

NEUTROGENA Men’s Triple Protection Face Lotion SPF15, $13.99
 Felt like: Was completely smooth and non-greasy.
 Smelt like: This lotion has zero scent, great for men who don't like fragranced moisturiser, however men who consider lotion to be a cologne of sorts might think it needs a stronger scent.
 Over all thought: This is a prefect lotion for after shaving if I was to go outdoors for under an hour, otherwise a stronger SPF would be preferred. Overall it put me in a lighter mood because I knew I was about to go outdoors and do some living.

Is this the answer to your "OMG! I still haven't bought dad a gift!" stress out? And, by the descriptions above, is it a range that would take his fancy?

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