Monday, October 7, 2013

Great skin is always in - just ask the skincare experts behind Philosophy!

We all have philosophies in life. Mine you ask?

1.       Treat others how you like to be treated;
2.       Always go to bed with a full glass of water (I drink while I sleep – I’m basically a fish);
3.       When you’re having a bad day don't forget your blessing – count five of them!
4.       It’s okay to detox bad people out of your life;
5.       And now a new one, treat your skin like you would a best friend.

This last revelation has come via Philosophy’s Great Skin Is In skincare essential pack. It features all the basics you need to clean your skin without nasty harsh ingredients penetrating through your pores – it’s helped me bring my skincare routine back to basics.

We all know how tempting it is (especially when you’re a cosmetics hoarder) to load up your face at night with 101 products. I’ll put my hand up first and admit that this is how I’ve played the beauty game for a long time. The problem is, when you don’t know what ingredients are included in your lotions and potions, your pores can become over-saturated and fed up.  I.e you'll break out or suffer uneven skin tone.

If this sounds like you bring it back to basics just like the Shapeshifters did in 2005 (hear it here, you will know the catchy song instantly, it’s also what immediately comes to mind when I reach for my Philosophy Purity cleanser in the shower!) then read on!

Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser – 90ml, $15

I’ve found this cleanser perfect for my sensitive skin. It’s also great for our inner lazy-girl. This three-in-one cleanser is able to strip away your days build-up of oil and makeup and also any around your eyes! That’s right, you won’t even need to use makeup remover at all. 

The formula is very light, yet able to lather the perfect amount. It contains 12 essential oils so that your skin is moisturised while maintaining the correct pH-balance, great for those who often suffer symptoms of irked skin! 

I’ve been using it in addition to my regular Clarisonic use and I’ve seen amazing buffed and smooth results!

Hope In A Jar Moisturiser - $45

A great second step on your journey to minimalising your skincare routine. Hope In A Jar isn’t just a cute name! This oil-free, lightweight moisturiser has been receiving rave reviews by beauty experts across the globe for quite some time. Check out Into The Gloss’ Top Shelf section and see for yourself. Emily Ratajkowski, stunning brunette beauty from Robin Thicke and Pharrell's Blurred Lines claims that it's her skincare must have!

The light weight moisturiser is filled with antioxidants to plump up and moisturise the skin – but it still doesn’t weigh your skin down or make it feel suffocated. I also love that this forumlar absorbs any trapped oil in your pores, drawing it out.

Help Me Retinol Night Treatment - $65

So, now it’s time to spot treat! You know those pesky bumps and pimples driving you crazy? I know you want to touch them, but don’t! Attack them with powerful retinol instead.

This particular treatment has won awards thanks to its unique (and original) way it sinks into the skin slowly for less irritation. Because of this, it’s able to minimise the appearance of open pores (the most visible place is always on your T-zone), fine lines, and skin pigmentation (acne scars as well!)

Just dab a little on to problem areas and go fast asleep. You pretty much don’t have to do anything, and you will wake up looking better. I’ve never heard of anything so genius in my life!

Overall this pack has done my skin a massive favour! I’ve found that even during my most hormonal, sleep deprived, 30 degree heat days – my skin still looks pretty good even without makeup!

Philosophy Skin, Bath & Body Care and Fragrances are all available in all David Jones stores nationally. Go check it out!

SS x 

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