Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Miranda Kerr's Off-Duty Fashion Faux Pas During Paris Fashion Week

I once thought it was impossible for Miranda Kerr to look bad. Whether she was heading out with little Flynn to grab some groceries in a well-put-together street styling ensemble, or attending an A-list party is head-to-toe Givenchy – she always looked wow.

This is why I’m shocked. For the first time ever I actually don't want to own this outfit. Cast your eyes below...

This mumsy drop-waist frock (can you believe it’s from Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2014 collection?) has left Miranda with no shape! To make matters worse she’s wearing monochrome corporate flats (Miu Miu) that would have been better paired with a chic tweed Chanel jacket, her skinny black jeans and that cute fedora she wears from time to time. 

The black boxy tote (Louis Vuitton as well) doesn’t work with the attempted feel of this dress either – that being low-key and relaxed.

Ah Miranda. Lucky every day presents us with a new opportunity to turn over a fresh, more fashionable leaf. 

Big hugs,

SS x

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