Monday, October 31, 2011

I love Benah

Recently I was super lucky and won these beautiful gifts by Benah for partaking in their Facebook bag competition where I had to get as many people as possible to like my photo to win. So obviously by the images of the cute packages above I was the lucky girl!

On Friday I came home to see a big brown package on my door step. Excitedly I opened it to find a beautiful large silk scarf that will be perfect for summer along with some great tan sandals, a watermelon toned tye-dye tote bag and also a subscription to the Travel Almanac.

I have already worn my sandals all around town, and let me say... for new shoes, they are super comfy! Not one blister yet!

Check out Benah to look at all their new products. I'm currently coveting their Pistachio canvas Kodi bag!


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