Monday, October 31, 2011

Tomihiro Kono - haunting

“Born and raised in Japan, Tomi now lives and works in UK.

While working as a hair stylist in fashion, he started making wigs and head props for shoots flaring his originality to turn his creative idea into shapes.

Quickly his head props become popular among fashion stylists in London and Paris, and soon he became an established and well-respected hair and head prop artist.

In September 2010, he had his first film / photo / performance show of his collection during London fashion week.

Tomi’s appeal has seen him collaborate across many different genres including art, fashion, music, and performance, confirming his place as a true creative across any realm.

,p>His style is influenced by 1920-30s Dadaism and surrealism art. He is heavily influenced by assemblage expressionism started after World War II this is a 3 dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.

He enjoys once-in-a-lifetime encounter with vintage objects and materials that have functional beauty. By observing the beauty of the objects, he put several different materials together creating a new and distinctive piece.”

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