Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Sands of Time

As I promised, I'm slowly uploading the pages from Paper Rock magazine that I have contributed to, including this fashion editorial entitled 'The Sands of Time'.

As director and stylist for this fashion editorial, I wanted my models to encapsulate the look and feel of the beachy surrounds of the Illawarra. To do this I choose creamy neutral tones such a beige's and browns for our clothing. There shades are very similar to that of the rocky sedimentation enveloping the beaches of Wollongong.

Next I wanted to have fun with some nautical stripes (the slouchy knit on the male model and the Alice McCall stripe dress on the female), this also aided to the story we were trying to project about effortless, beach side glamour.

We made bold brows the focal point on the models faces for the day. We did so by filling in their existing brow with a chocolate eye-brow pencil, but then also drew along the boarder of their natural shape to create a more bolder look that would stand out against the photographers flash.

For Kara, our female model, we also added a bold lip in a fushia tone to add fresh colour to her face. For Calib, our male model, we gave him a matte, beige lip to really emphasis those sharp and striking brows and chiseled cheek bones.

All of the pieces we dressed our models in for the shoot were from selected boutiques that we felt held the best fashion pieces in the region. Lee and Me and Frolic Girls were of great help in making our shoot a success.

To check out this photo shoot in the flesh make sure you grab a copy of Paper Rock, issue 6.

Director and stylist: Sarah Sayers

Assistants: Skae Castle, Eleanore Reader

Photographer: Meg Collins

Models: Kara Brailey, Calib James

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