Monday, November 7, 2011

Flavour of the month? Mojito!

Last Friday night I asked some of my friends to come over and sip one of my favourite beverages with me...the classic and ultra summery mojito.

Mojitos offer a world of flavour, with strong notes of sweet and sour but also a refreshing twang of mint to offer a quench not found in most cocktails.

I made quite a mess in my back garden while making these bad boys, with a chopping boards, ice trays, left over mint and a well used and now totally sticky mortar and pestle covering the entirety of our back table. The mojitos were still completely worth it!

To compliment this sultry drink I also popped on a 70's sound track that I felt fitted the occasion perfectly. By the end of the night my friends and I felt a tradition coming on. Our future cocktail hours will definitional now feature any cocktail of our choosing but they must be complimented by a soundtrack that fits the drinks personality best.

So here is my recipe:

Prep time:

10 minutes or longer if you need to freeze ice


Mint leaves



soda water

limes or lemons depending on what is in season

raw, brown sugar


How to:

1. Take your cocktail glass of choice, I chose a long, slender, tubular shaped glass but it is entirely up to you and your personal aesthetic

2. place 10 crushed mint leaves, a tables spoon of raw brown sugar and a quarter of a lime squeezed at the bottom of the glass and stir.

3. now that you have a minty soup of sorts at the bottom of your glass pour in 3 to 4 nips of gin ( again its totally up to how strong you wish your drink to be)

4. give your concoction another stir

5. add a touch of soda water

6. now place in crushed ice till you reach three quarters f the height of your glass

7. finish with more soda water till you fill the glass

8. garnish with a sprig of mint, and a straw.

9. *** The straw I highly recommend, without it you will be swallowing tiny particles of mint leaves that get swigged back into your throat. Not as tasty as it sounds!

And viola! You are done, kick back and listen to some 70's tunes. And have decided to make this cocktail while looking at this recipe right now, I have provided a little video to get you excited. Enjoy!

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