Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Too many drinks over Christmas, here are some beauty tips to conceal your sins!


      My skin hates me right now. No wonder though, after yesterdays Christmas festivities, I arrived back home after many a champagne and rum-drenched Christmas cake, and fell asleep, on my face by six o’ clock. Wow, super glamorous Sarah! I woke up a lengthy fifteen hours later, and in a panic realised I slept with a full face of makeup on! Gross! 

  I’m paying for it now... my face feels puffy and dry, and my lips are super flaky after wearing too much long-wear lipstick. I’ve now compiled a list of ways to make any complexion look brighter after your post Christmas woes! 

 Believe me, I’ll be taking my own advice and wearing all of the below this afternoon! 

     Go for a sheer foundation – Say no to matte foundations, heavy cakey makeup will just make your puffy skin seem even more so. Something light and dewy will be more forgiving on tired skin. Opt for a tinted moisturiser.
Stick to a sheer coverage option
     White eyeliner – It opens up eyes and makes the whites appear even more clear. Trace on the bottom water line and top tight line. Use a natural looking illuminator on the inner corners of the eyes to open them up further.
White eyeliner will open up your eyes...
     Light reflective lip-gloss – For lips, avoid matte lipsticks or anything drying again. Long wear lip sticks are definitely a no-no. They will make lips flaky. Light reflective lip glosses are best, they will assist natural day light to bounce onto your cheek bones and will also distract attention away from under eye bags or any other skin concerns. 

Light reflective lip gloss will draw attention away from tired eyes...
      Bronzer – The more glowy the skin the better. Once again make sure it contains a little shimmer, apply to the ridge of the nose, the hair line and the cheek bones. Your face will stop looking like white death and more as if you’ve just stepped off a private plane from Tahiti!

·         Whiter teeth – This one is easy. The whiter the teeth, the more distracting they are from tired eyes and greasy hair. A week before any event where you know you’ll look lack lustre in the days to come, apply a teeth whitener morning and night. I love Luster Weekend White.

White gleamers will add a freshness that even makeup struggles to do...
     Eye drops – dry eyes? It’s probably from all those cocktails you have drunk? Rather drying aren’t they? A few drops and your eyes will look more vibrant and young. 

·         Scoop hair up into a high pony – grab a hair brush, revitalising serum, and hair spray. Comb up into a high pony and secure. A high pony not only looks young and perky, your neck will get a well deserved airing from having hot hair weighing you down. 

Teressa Palmer sports a clean high pony! Very Fresh!

     Face mist – you really can’t get a more refreshing treat! Your skin will thank you for the extra moisture and you will look dewier than ever before. I love The Angelica Hydration Face Mist, it instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin.
Face mist for instant hydration....

SS x

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