Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tried, tested, loved... Gucci and Shu Uemura step up to receive your well deserved accolades...

A primer so light weight and delicious, you would think it was sorbet!

Ladies, for those who think they can skip primer, a crucial step in your beauty routine, I shake my head with disappointment! Hey, I know what your rebuttal already is, “I don’t need it, I use a sheer liquid foundation that glides on well”.

Guess what? It may glide on well, but it also glides off with just as much ease. No one likes a slippery face. So to keep your makeup matte and even all day a primer is key.

Enter Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura TSUYA Skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiance. The packaging is just as enjoyable as the actual results when applying, and hours later when you catch your reflection and still look as perfected as you did in the wee hours of the morning.

 This ingenious creation features the classic UV under base formula with new packaging that has the Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu girl on the front. The ultra light mousse is highly moisturising, and I expected this when initially pumping out a small foamy dome onto the palm of my hand before applying. Its super light weight with a tiny amount of skin tone pigment to give you even more coverage then you can expect from your foundation.

At $49, it’s a steal because it lasts for ages, and if it’s good enough for Karl, it’s good enough for me!

A perfume with alternating scents throughout the duration of its wear. Now that’s as rare as spotting a unicorn galloping through Pitt Street Mall!

I’m speaking of course of Flora by Gucci’s spin off sister scent, Glorious Mandarin. This rare breed of perfume offers up a bouquet of scents inspired by the house’s renowned flora blueprint. You literally can walk past a woman and smell the tell tale notes of one of Gucci’s fragrances instantly, this scent is a little different but still has Gucci’s luxurious signature scent.

This one is subtly fruity – but not sickly sweet like the plethora of celebrity scents that have taken over beauty land. It’s a little more sophisticated.

The star player here, mandarin, acts as a anchor. So even thought there are light fruity scents lingering, this tropical more balmy scent keeps the overall finished product more demure and sexy, rather than girlie. The middle notes are of jasmine and pina colada accord and the heart notes are ambergris, white musk and creamy wood. It makes for a very luxurious wear.

This marvellous buy is only $100, and when you spritz it on it almost instantly blends in with your own skins scent, making it a natural pleasure to wear. You want to be wearing the fragrance after all, not the fragrance wearing you!

SS x

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