Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Special - Beauty Trick or Treat!

Mwahahaha - feeling a little bit tricksome this Halloween? I'm guessing yes, you are reading this post after all! If candy isn't your fair, it's time you know that you can also trick your friends - or treat them - with beauty products.

This year I'm pretty smitten with the delights from Lush. They have a whole range of halloween-ready bathroom products that are sure to tickle your pickles. Here's why they are both a trick and a treat. (Going clockwise)

1. Lush - Snake Oil Scalp Massage Bar - $10.50

If the name doesn't give you the heebie jeebies, god knows what will! So this bar doesn't infact contain snake oil - I was silly and believed it did, but you can't blame me, there are products with dragons blood (the fruit variety of course hehe). The reason for the creepy name? Think of what your scalp looks like when you have dandruff - it looks like when a snake is loosing it's layers of skin - gross! The best way to combat a dry scalp is with key ingredients like shea butter, lavender oil and tea tree oil. Lather your hair up with this bar and rinse. Use for a couple of weeks and see miraculous results. The trick? The name duh! The treat? The heavenly smell. And the fact that you no longer have to live with dandruff!

2. Lush - Skull Duggery Bath Bomb - $5.95

It seems that all the cool kids go as Mexican Day Of The Dead skeletons during Halloween. Lush clued in and have released this limited edition bath bomb filled with neroli extracts to soften and smooth your skin. Trick? Leave this bad boy on your roomie's bedside table and let them wake up with this staring them in the face. Treat? Super soft skin after use.

3. Lush - Gorilla Perfume Devil's Nightcap - $25 /7g or $50/25g

If you've ever watched a vampire flick, Twilight or even Vampire Diaries, you've probably noticed they do a lot of hanging in cemeteries. They rest on mossy tree trucks while fog envelopes them - irksome! To evoke the same feeling wear this fragrance. It's a mythological-inspired scent with notes of oak moss, clary sage and ylang ylang. Trick? Keep this in your clutch when you head out to your Halloween festivities, you're sure to be confused with a legit devil worshiper. Treat: With woody moss compined with upligting ylang ylang you will smell more angelic then devilish!

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