Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Serums to slather, sprays to spritz

I have fallen in love with a few beauty products that are slowly turning into my personal cult products.

I thought I’d be kind and share them with you, so that you too can relish their wonder.

From left to far right:

1. Argan Oil (100% organic) by Kahina, Giving Beauty made in New York.

This fabulous natural oil should be smoothed onto the skin sparingly on the face, body or even hair! Such versatility! I’ve found it’s great for dry skin, sun burn or even split ends, such a little wonder product. Special bonus? It smells fab as well.

2. Medik8, Hyrda8 B5 Oil (Professional strength)

This little gem was formulated using green chemistry and with its potent B5 extracts it is great to smooth onto your face after one of those exhausting days when you are zapped of all energy, the next day you will wake up gleaming again.

3. M.O.R Narcissist flower.

This perfume is so refreshing, light and very unique. The narcissist flower has been pulped, squeezed and refined into this very alluring scent. Great for balmy summer nights.


Skinnyintern said...

Where did you find the M.O.R. fragrance?! it looks like something I have seen at anthropology... if so I fell in love with it but they don't sell it anymore.

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따조 said...

I will report beulgeuro.

Please hear my blog ^ ^