Sunday, June 16, 2013

To dye for: How Candice Swanepoel put white-blonde back on the shelf

Candice Swanepoel just made a very brave decision. She put her faith in the hands of her hair-colourist and went white blond. Or white hot. Whatever you prefer.
She’s best know for sizzling down the runways of Victoria's Secret annual lingerie parades, but this time she set tongues wagging over her locks that are more sci-fi then angelic – and for the better I say. 

White blonde has been a go-to shade for fair haired dames for quiet some time, but then balayage hit thanks to beach babes like Gisele, Lauren Conrad and even home grown diva Jennifer Hawkins. Suddenly masses of girls from teens, to teeny hot mammas, were sporting this do' instead.

But, after seeing this shot I can safely say that stripping the hair back to nothing but snow-white is on the beauty agenda once more.

Here’s what you need to do before you dye’ve in. 

1. If you’re going to opt to change your hair colour to white blonde you’d be safest to avoid dirty-roots. It works for balayage, but not for this ice queen look.

There’s two main reasons for this:
  • A second hair colour will reduce the visual impact of the white blonde trend;
  • White blonde in 2013 is all about youthful elegance, or a cooler-than-cool attitude; two-tone hair lends itself more towards the punk/grunge revival.
2. Contrary to what some people fear, it is possible to go platinum blonde from near any hair colour, light or dark. Some base colours will certainly be easier and faster when it comes to achieving the white blond result.

3. The key to going platinum is to work with ‘virgin’ or undyed hair. If you already have layers of other colours in your hair from previous “colour phases” you may need to remove or grow them out before you can achieve an effective all-over platinum colour like Candice’s. Sorry guys!

4. If you’re not sure if your hair will handle going platinum, head to your hair colourist and get them to advise you, they are the experts after all! If your hair is already damaged or brittle, it’s likely they’ll advise against it. While DIY home kits are easy enough to find in any supermarket, it’ll always be much safer to head to a salon and get professional advice, especially when bleaching hair so light!

Who's loving Candice's new look?

SS x

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