Friday, January 4, 2013

Dr.Oz actually taught me something about anti-ageing!

Who would ever think being a lounge lizard would actually improve my skin in the long run! Well, it terms of learning some new beauty tips from a television show – it has!

Dr.Oz has many health tips stashed up his sleeves, and just before I was about to switch off the TV, he mentioned he was going to show three beauty mistakes that we all make that age us. Immediately I thought he was going to point out the obvious:

1.       Don’t expose your skin to the sun
2.       Drink enough water a day
3.       Get enough sleep

Luckily I decided to hang around that extra ten minutes to see if I would actually learn something new (oh - and to postpone actually getting off the lounge and starting my day!). Well I did!

1.       Always wash your hair first, and then clean your skin in the shower.

      Okay – this does sound very weird. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking “what difference does the order I wash make?” Well, it’s the difference of having harsh chemicals filtered into your skin, and forehead acne! 

You see, when you clean your skin first in the shower, which most of us do because it feels amazing to slough away a day’s worth of layered facial creams and makeup, when we finally get to washing our hair with shampoo and conditioner, the chemicals inside each are allowed to enter into our open pores! The chemicals that actually help our hair to remain strong and shiny do the exact opposite for our skin, and make you look grey, washed out and even pimply! Leave cleansing to last as your makeup acts as a protective barrier from said chemicals!

2.       Women always use moisturiser on their face, but forget their neck and d├ęcolletage.

Keira Knightley has a slender long neck that needs just as much care as her face.

      Even I have forgotten my upper chest area and neck when moisturising! But as Dr.Oz revealed this morning, the skin on our necks and d├ęcolletage is even thinner and releases less collagen of that of our face, meaning aging will occur faster in these zones. The problem with only caring for our face is that as we age (it’s inevitable let’s face it), our neck will be the true teller or age, and it’s not reversible! 

So, when completing your skin care ritual at night always remember to bring your serum or cream down to your bust as well!

3.       Some under eye creams will actually make eyes look aged and puffy!

      Say what! Yeh, I know... scary! To think that your hard earned money that you've placed into looking younger might actually be doing the reverse, and to your eyes!

Here’s why – some under eye creams contain retinol, and although this ingredient is great for young distressed skin that may be breaking out, or stubborn wrinkles around the forehead, using this strong ingredient under the eyes will actually be too astringent for the ultra delicate skin and make it look red, sore and even puffy! 

Don’t run into your bathroom and throw all your eye creams in the rubbish just yet, just switch to an under eye cream that doesn’t have this ingredient and opt for those that are as close to natural as possible!

And that’s a wrap! I’m sure you found these tips just as informative and beauty-routine changing as I did!

SS x

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